Prescott, Arizona Creditors' Rights Attorneys

When bankruptcy is mentioned, most people think about the experience that the consumer goes through as the case progresses. Many times, the focus seems to be on the person who owes, not on the company owed. At Musgrove Drutz Kack & Gautreaux, PC in Prescott, Arizona, we work hard to defend and protect creditors’ rights.

Defending Creditors' Rights at Bankruptcy Hearings and Foreclosures

When an individual files Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the ability of the creditor to collect on that debt is affected. Telephone calls and letters must stop and the creditor is now at the mercy of a bankruptcy court judge. They are entitled to a voice and legal representation as much as the person seeking debt relief. Creditors who fail to act to protect their rights may lose those rights. 
Foreclosing on a home or business is the last step by a bank in a long process to work things out with the owner of a house. While the homeowner can take steps to protect themselves from foreclosures, creditors can take legal steps as well.

Creditors' Rights with Businesses

At Musgrove Drutz Kack & Gautreaux, PC, we also represent creditors who are attempting to collect debts from businesses. As opposed to an individual customer, businesses have bureaucracy and red tape, making the collection process more challenging.

Contact Us to Protect Your Creditors Rights

Creditors facing problems in collecting a debt or needing representation at bankruptcy or foreclosure hearings can count on us for protection of their creditors’ rights. To get more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer, please contact us.