Wrongful Death Lawyers In Prescott, Arizona

When a person’s or entity’s negligent actions cause the death of someone else – in a car accident, pedestrian accident or slip-and-fall accident, for example – the surviving family members may be entitled to compensation. 

At the law firm of Musgrove Drutz Kack & Gautreaux, PC, we represent family members who are dealing with the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident. To schedule a consultation to discuss your legal options, please contact us online today

Representing Surviving Family Members

Our attorneys represent surviving family members and spouses who have lost a loved one due to:

  • Fatal car accidents
  • Fatal truck accidents
  • Fatal motorcycle accidents
  • Fatal medical mistakes
  • Other fatal accidents


It can be difficult to identify the cause of an accident and the responsible party or parties involved. It is therefore very important to work with an experienced lawyer who can secure the evidence needed to establish the cause of the accident. An attorney from our law firm will also help you seek compensation to allow your family to move forward with financial security. 

Whether your loved one’s accident was caused by a distracted driver, a negligent physician or health care provider, or another responsible party, remember that you may be entitled to significant compensation. We can help you seek money to cover medical expenses, hospitalization, funeral costs, lost wages, and much more.

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